Pubblications and ouputs

Below some of the significant outputs and publications


Analysis and research for the Council of Europe

Analysis and research for the European Commission and/or tenders

  • Integrated territorial development diagnostic (ITDD) for Libya, March 2020
    For information, ask EUD Libya
  • Study on the monopoly position of global and regional associations of local authorities, directed to attribute framework partnership agreements from the EC to those associations (2021), for information ask DG INTPA. European Commission

Analysis and research for UNDP

  • Comparative assessments on :
    a) municipal councils and local electoral system in Turkey
    b) Use of protocols and honors and international relations of Turkish local authorities, LARSIII, Local Administration Reform Phase III, UNDP Turkey (2021)
    For information ask
  • Comparative Review on the role of the Municipal Councillors, UNDP Macedonia, within the programme Support to Local Democracy in Macedonia (comparison with the Slovenia, Denmark, Albania, Serbia and Lithuania), drafting in English and translated into Macedonian, experience in town twinning opportunities, 2018 For info, ask UNDP north Macedonia.

contribution to global events

  • Contribution to the Association International des Maires de France, 41st congress, in Rwanda, civil society and local authorities cooperation :
  • Supporting local democracy and decentralization in Togo - events and key note speech at the Assembly of the Local Authorities from Togo and national workshop on Decentralisation, October and December 2016, invited by the Ministry of Decentralisation

Projects’ output

  • Co-drafting of the Guide for Local Participative Democracy in Algeria (in French and translated into Arabic), programme of the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities of Algeria, contract AETS France, 2018
  • Minority rights and Local authorities in Eastern Partnership, Minority Rights Group, 2015, On Line course, in Russian and English, author of the course.
  • Ten years of activities of the Local Democracy Agencies, 2004 : a specific methodology : the multilateral decentralized cooperation, Official document of the Council of Europe
  • Cities for Peace and Democracy in Europe, programme of the DG Culturale and Education of the European Union, ALDA publication
  • EurAction and the citizens panel and a consultative approach to citizens, programme of the DG Culture and Education of the European Union, ALDA publication
  • Decentralisation in South Eastern Europe : conference report of the UCLG -, Committee on Decentralisation / Conference in Skodra (Albania, Nov 2009)
  • A partnership for Democratic Reforms and European Integration, Acts of the 3rd annual assembly of the Eastern Partnership civil society Forum, Nov 2011
  • I percorsi dello Sviluppo, Cooperazione Decentrata, Diritti Umani e Processi di democratizzazione, Volume 14-2011. Promoted by Region Veneto and University of Padova, International studies. 2011
  • Foedus, Culture Economie e Territori, Numero 33 - II° Quadrimestre 2012, p. 41-52, International Decentralised cooperation. A comparative Approach and a focus on Citizens’ participation. The French case
  • Numero 34 - Decentralised cooperation and ecentralization in Southern Caucasus
  • Intercultural Dialogue and Multi-level Governance in Europe, contribution to the collection, a human rights based approached, 2012, Peter Lang Edition
  • L’Unità Europea, Rivista del Movimento Federalista Europeo n.6 2013, p. 6 “Le Mancanze dell’Unione Europea in politica estera. La sfida del Summit di Vilnius”
  • Citizens’ Participation at the Local Level in Belarus, New Eastern Europe,06/01/2014

Statements (within ALDA’s work)

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