Examples of key projects

In my more than 25 years career, I have coordinated and implemented many projects (ALDA has counted 425 projects till 2020). Some of them are particularly important to illustrate my career path, because they left a particular impact or I liked them in particular ! My role is the elaboration of the idea together with the staff, applying strategies, creating partnership and identifying funding, as well as coordinating the implementation and reporting.

See most of them (here)

European Union based programmes

  • Climate of change, supporting environmental policies and changes in communities, DEAR, European Commission, On going
  • FOODwave, follow up of the Millennium expo of Milan on food security, policies for awareness and food sustainability, DEAR, European Commission, ongoing
  • EPIC, models of inclusion for migrants in local communities in Europe, on going, AMIF European commission
  • Fight against discrimination on gender basis and support engagement of women and girls in activities and politics at the local level, Get up, (2017-2019), funded by partners and European Commission programme REC
  • Energy for local administration : Renovate Governance in Europe, Enlarge, Supporting local authorities to identify solutions for reducing use of energy and focus on renewable energies (2016-2018) Horizon funding
  • APProach, supporting the inclusion of European mobile citizens, (2018-2021), European Commisison REC
  • Fighting against discrimination and policies against Rom, role of local authorities and local communities, PAL (2016-2018) European Commission funding
  • Working Together for Development, local authorities and associations of local authorities, working with civil society for Development, WTD, (2011-2014) DEAR, European Commission
  • LADDER, local authorities, actors for development, (2015-2017), DEAR European Commission
  • Innovating and empowering European Identity, WISE (2017-2019), Europe for Citizens, European Commission


  • Support for Local authorities and civil society working together for the reconstruction of the Balkans (Supported by the 84/2001, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy), 3 years project with the support of all the Local Democracy Agencies.
  • Civil society dialogue and partnership in the Balkans, supporting community and cooperation (2011-2013), IPA Funding https://www.alda-europe.eu/progetto/ipa-bih/
  • Balkan regional platform and cooperation with youth, with the support of all the LDAs, supporting and implementing youth policies at the local level for civic engagement and local development (2017) DG Near
  • Decentralized cooperation Normandie and North Macedonia, elaboration of the strategies and clusters of cooperation, opening of the local office, 8 years of cooperation and still on going (supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Region Normandie and the North Macedonian institutions)
  • I supported decentralized cooperation between the city of Vicenza and Sarajevo, during the war, between 1993 and 1996

Eastern Partnership

  • Choice, support to local economic development in countries in Eastern Partnership, EUD Ukraine (2016-2018)
  • Local Democracy engaging citizens in Georgia, EUD Georgia, with NALAG, training and support to local authorities and training for participative democracy in Georgia (2017-2019)
  • Citizens Voice and actions in Consolidated Communities, Armenia, local economic development in Armenia (2019-2020), EUD Armenia
  • Media Dialogue, Support to media freedom in Khyrghistan, with EPD, on going, (2021-2022)
  • Social rights support in Belarus, Spread, (2012-2014) EUD Belarus

Northern Africa

  • Vox in Box, democratic transition in Tunisia (2014), EUD Tunis
  • Parfait, support to women engagement in elections at the local level, EUD (Tunis) (2017-2020)
  • Autrement, project of decentralized cooperation with Strasbourg and Kairouan Tunis, to promote and support alternative forms of urban mobility, on going (DG Intpa), European Commission
  • Support to Local Democracy and participative democracy in Algeria, with the support of the European Commission and Ministry of Interiors, see in my publications and consultancies
  • AVEC, support and autonomation of rural women with projects of local development (Morocco) (2018-2019), funded by Fondation Raja
  • Support to local authorities and community engagement in Libya, project Rebuilt, with the province of Trento, on going, DEAR, European Commission


  • The Place, support to youth dialogue between Turkish communities and European Communities, supported by the Merkator foundation, on going
  • Empowering women in local authorities, with the support of Sabbanci foundation and the city of Edremit